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We will advise you on and register your copyrights according to the provisions of US law, the Berne Convention and other international governing agencies. Our in-depth knowledge of issues such as simultaneous publication, country of origin, rule of the shorter term, and more, will ensure you are protected.


Our team will protect you from encumbrance by software patents, including assertions by third parties. We also conduct reexaminations with the patent office to invalidate patents and will assist you in making defensive disclosures to preclude gaming of the patent system.


We don't just understand the licensing of software, in some cases we wrote the licenses themselves. We offer licensing assistance, particularly license development and implementation consulting, and will defend the integrity of FOSS licenses against both adverse judicial interpretation and legislative interference.

Export Compliance

Our experienced attorneys and technical staff will conduct a careful analysis of your FOSS project and will help you navigate the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) export control regulations on software.



Our team has spoken and been published widely on the issue of internet privacy and has testified on the subject before the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce. We will help you devise and implement responsible privacy policies for your internet presence, policies that both respect your customers and protect your interests.


Government regulation of the electromagnetic spectrum often means giving away exclusive rights to the privileged. If you or your company have been deemed not one of the deserving few, we will help you fight for your fair share.


Blockchain technology brings with it a brave new world of decentralized ledgers, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and more. Using our technical expertise and understanding of the legal ramifications of this "new way to pay", we will safely guide you and your company through it all.


Our team will use its technical expertise and wide experience in the technology industry to train you to conduct your business in a secure manner.



Drawing on our extensive experience in commercial settings, we will assist you at all stages of your corporation's existence, including formation, overseeing contracts and governance, and representing you in a wide variety of negotiations.


We will advise you on whether creating a non-profit foundation to support a particular project makes corporate sense. If so, our extensive experience in the creation and governance of non-profits will ensure it gets done the right way.


We are familiar with every step of the trademarking process from early drafts to prosecuting your applications in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We will help you register your trademarks and strategically evaluate and implement your policies to defend them.


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Legal Advice

If you are involved in a for-profit Free and Open Source Software project in need of legal advice, please email . Please use only this address to contact us, unless you have already established an attorney-client relationship with us.

Media Inquiries

Media inquiries, please contact .

Photograph of Eben Moglen by Richard Perry/The New York Times.